Super Bowl LII

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Longfellow Villa offers executive suite lodging for a professional working in Minneapolis for Super Bowl LII.

Downtown hotels are booked up and AirBnB prices are soaring, as football fans look for somewhere to book their Super Bowl stay. No worries, we’re reserving our fully furnished and stocked apartment for a serious professional who has more needs than visiting fans.

Super Bowl LIIDo you seek a private, quiet, convenient space to rest and relax while spending weeks working in Minnesota for the Super Bowl? We got you covered! Longfellow Villa has everything you need with amenities for cooking, pantry, parking, linen service, laundry room access, and onsite caretaker/concierge to assist with any needs. You can shop local businesses within a few blocks for groceries, pharmacy, hardware, restaurants, bars, and more. Bus service connecting to light rail gets you downtown quickly and easily.

Many AirBnB options are newcomers offering rooms just for this one event, so they lack the capabilities to provide a seamless experience that matches the quality of professional lodging. Longfellow Villa specializes in hosting professionals in transition with flexible month-to-month terms. We know how to take care of your needs when you arrive in a new city with a busy work schedule. And, we’re a licensed landlord who meets all the requirements for a safe living space.

Don’t take our word for it, check our AirBnB reviews, you’ll see how happy our guests have been at Longfellow Villa. You could book a few nights with AirBnB rates, but best to get our weekly & monthly discounts with short-term lodging.

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