Spring 2017 is Blooming

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Spring is blooming at Longfellow Villa with lush perennials, potted annual flowers, and our Mock Orange bushes budding into fragrant flowers. We’ve had a wet Spring in Minnesota, and the lawn has actually gone to seed twice already with rapid growth! Now we’re settling in for the season and looking forward to a joyous summer here in Minneapolis.

Longfellow VIlla yard in SpringWhile we have offered short stays via AirBnB in past years, we are already booked for most of 2017 with temporary tenants on our flexible month-to-month leasing plan. We specialize in assisting both new and old residents of the Longfellow neighborhood who are in transition and benefit from a fully furnished apartment and concierge services. When you’re moving here from another town, or in between permanent residences, and most of your belongings are in storage until you settle in somewhere, simple things become challenging. That’s why Longfellow Villa offers a unique lodging option, a sort of homey executive suite, providing for many of your everyday needs with kitchenware, linen service, laundry room, storage, secure parking, professional high-speed WiFi, and so much more.

So, we apologize to our past patrons who have enjoyed brief stays to visit with family and friends or for working on short projects in town, since we can’t accommodate you this summer. Do keep in touch, as we’ll have some openings at the end of the year for holiday visits. Then, there’s that Super Bowl thing in 2018… We won’t be hosting any Super Bowl parties, but we may be able to provide a month or more of lodging for professionals working the event.

Meanwhile, enjoy all that summer brings, and look for your caretaker and concierge Skarjune, biking around Greater Longfellow and sharing the wonders from East Lake to the Mississippi to Minnehaha Falls on Longfellow.Life.