The Longfellow Summer

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We’re readying up for a Longfellow Summer here at Longfellow Villa. While our Spring calendar was quite open just a month ago, the Villa is now booked through August 2016 with both AirBnB guests and a summer tenant. In our second year in operation, we still need to do a bit more landscaping work, but this will be a relaxing season with lots of yard parties and bicycling about the neighborhood and beyond.

Albert Bierstadt, Minnehaha Falls. Oil on canvas, circa 1860-1870s.
Albert Bierstadt, Minnehaha Falls. Oil on canvas, circa 1860-1870s.

There’s so much to do in Longfellow with spring here. Hymies Vintage Records will host a block party along with Peppers & Fries on East Lake Street for Record Store Day to kick off the season. The local Nice Ride Minnesota bike rack just 2 blocks away is loaded with those green bikes ready to rent and ride from rack to rack. The waters are flowing over Minnehaha Falls, though more rain is needed to get ‘er gushing.

We’re expanding our activities beyond hosting guests at the Villa to working with community organizations in the Longfellow area of Minneapolis. Our proprietor David Skarjune has joined with the LoLa Art Crawl as a volunteer for the League of Longfellow Artists this year. That’s an awesome neighborhood event in early autumn on September 17 & 18, 2016. We’ll be posting on that and other Longfellow community topics going forward.

Do visit our website to keep up to date, and be sure to contact us early, if you have travel needs to Minneapolis for the Autumn months of 2016. Just contact us and we’re happy to help as we can.